Food bucket list

My love for all things food and drink is real. I always try the local foods wherever I go. I think one of the best days to get immersed within a cultural is through the food, it says a lot about the country and it’s people.
Some of my firm favourites so far are sampling multiple pastel de natas in Portugal, some eggy whilst others sweeter. Discovering my love for currywurst’s in Germany. Whilst we are on about Germany, we cannot go without mentioning Oktoberfest, arguably the biggest beer drinking festival in the world!
What have I missed? Have you completed any off my bucket list? Let me know!


  1. Tagines in Morocco


  1. Try pho at one of the street market venders in Vietnam
  2. Sushi making course in Japan
  3. Bangkok floating market
  4. Try plenty of ‘Buddha bowls’
  5. Kimchi from South Korea
  6. Eat Peking duck in China


  1. Guinness Storehouse tour
  2. Make a gingerbread house
  3. All things Italian food
  4. Noma restaurant, Copenhagen
  5. Eat paella in Spain
  6. Heineken experience
  7. Sherry tour in Spain
  8. Visit a gin distillery
  9. Make croissants in France
  10. The Fat Duck restaurant, London
  11. Whisky tour in Scotland
  12. Drink beer at Oktoberfest
  13. Duck and Waffle restaurant, London
  14. Currywurst in Germany
  15. Eat pastel de natas in Portugal
  16. Forage a chanterelle mushroom
  17. Attend Belgium beer festival
  18. The Hand and Flowers restaurant, Marlow
  19. Try escargot in France
  20. Port tasting in Porto

North America

  1. Eat piles of crawfish in New Orleans
  2. Visit a state fair and eat everything on a stick
  4. Eat the original corn dog
  5. Visit Napa Valley
  6. Try maple taffy in Canada
  7. Tour the TABASCO® Sauce factory on Avery Island
  8. Chicago pizza tour
  9. Eat tacos in LA
  10. Tequila tasting in Mexico


  1. Eat meat pie in Australia
  2. Attica restaurant, Melbourne

South America

  1. Visit a winery