Pineapple plantation, Azores
Marrakech, Morocco
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Hey my name is Danni, as you can probably tell from my blog name. A big warm welcome! I’m 23 years old from the Somerset, England.
This section used to say; sadly my bio is not one that starts with I’m travelling full time across all seven continents, in actual fact it’s far from that.

Well things are about to change. My partner Joe and I are quitting our jobs to pursue our dreams of becoming full time travellers.
Anyone who know’s me knows how much I eat, sleep and breathe travel. My blog is filled with my travelling experiences, wish lists & dreams.

Other interests include anything to do with food, I love trying new flavours and cuisines. I especially love seafood [cannot wait to eat crayfish in New Orleans] food bucket list kinda dream. Also foraging across the beautiful countryside I am blessed to live around. Foraging to me just feels good for the soul and clears my mind.

Prior to leaving my job I worked as a mental health nurse on a busy acute ward. Any free time I have always tried to squeeze in road trips and adventures with Joe, mainly across Europe. Our one way tickets are taking us to North America before we fly down under to Australia, the rest is unwritten. Please follow my journey as I reach out of our comfort zone and into the unknown. I want to enjoy mother nature and all it’s beautiful sights for some time.


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