Italian road trip Sept 2017.

So I definitely haven’t kept my blog posts in order of my travels but I think that sums me up in a nutshell. In September 2017 to celebrate finishing my nursing degree my boyfriend, Joe and myself decided to go on a road trip around Italy. A country that has always been high on my wish list but struggling to commit to a single destination it was always brushed under the carpet. 

When we planned the trip it was quite strongly inspired by Joe getting a brand new company car which would guarantee a breakdown free trip. Before September came Joe took a promotion with another company and the role unfortunately didn’t require a company car leaving us without the safety blanket we based the trip on. Getting closer to the time still throwing ideas back and forth on what to do, we thought the idea of inter-railing was really our only option. Although we ideally wanted to fill a car up with all the lovely wines and foods we discovered on our venture. We took a risk and bought a Toyota Scarlet for £350, soon to become ‘Trudie’, having just one previous owner and low milage for her age. Cheaper than if we both had to pay for train tickets but the risk of her breaking down was prevalent. We kitted her out with Italian flags, beaded seat covers and her name in diamontes on the boot and she was ready to go.

Trudie before we embarked on our adventure

We drove from our home in Somerset, through to Dover, caught the ferry over to Calais where we stayed the night. Somehow managed to drive through the bulk of France in one day stopping briefly visiting Épernay (home of many champagne houses, we briefly looked around the Moët gift shop and left after looking at the prices) before arriving in Lyon for the night. Finally driving through the Alps into northern Italy the following morning, and what an experience it was.

On the side of the road in the Alps

We started in Turin before heading south, as far as Rome. Then began travelling the north east of the country towards Rimini and Venice. Travelling across to Lake Como before the long drive back to England. The whole trip was once in a lifetime experience not to mention Trudie did not break down once, although someone tried to break into her at Florence by forcing a screwdriver into the locks, resulting in us having to climb through the boot with all our belongings each time we locked her, such a novelty (still need to get that fixed).

It would not do the trip justice to try and squeeze it all into one small blog post. I plan to write about each destination individually, the places we visited and the foods we ate so bare with me on this.

Thanks for reading.


Picturesque driving through the Alps

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  1. Alys says:

    What an amazing adventure! This shows how spontaneity can sometimes really pay off 🙂 I am looking forward to hearing about the rest of the trip x


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