Beyond Sahara festival 2018.

So I’ve just returned from a relatively new and extremely remote festival called ‘Beyond Sahara‘ run by a company named ‘Fixers‘. It got my attention by another company mentioning it on social media.


A festival in the Sahara desert, where you ‘convoy’ in by camel. In contrast to the festivals at home with the almost guaranteed mud and wellies I thought it would be an experience of a lifetime and I was not wrong.

I went with two of my girlfriends, Alice and Holly. I did not expect there to be so many solo travellers. People from all walks of life, people I spoke to were mainly from London but some travelled from Scotland, Austria, America, Morocco and Canada to name a few. You get to speak to people, everyone had a story to tell with a warm and positive energy. There were only around 100 people I think I heard someone say, but it was nice to be able to sit down at dinner or by the fire and chat to almost everyone there.

The founders of the company were also at the festival, making sure everything ran smoothly. At the meeting point in Marrakech, the founders introduced themselves to us helping to answer any questions. They were really quick to reply to any emails we sent prior to the trip, they all appeared humble and genuine. The focus of the company seemed to be promoting one of kind experiences in remote wonders of the world.


After a day of travelling from Marrakech and staying in a beautiful hotel on the edge of the Sahara we started our final stretch into the desert by camel. We were greeted by traditional dancers and a shot for good measure. The festival included yoga which I shamefully never got round to doing (same as every other festival I’ve ever attended, the intension is there). DJs, live performances and great festival entertainment, which everyone got involved in.

The food was simple but enough and the cocktails were to die for, with a great bunch of guys serving them! The last evening, the whole group went up to one of the highest sand dunes and watched the sunset over the Sahara, such an surreal experience and one I’ll never forget. The same evening Alice, Holly and myself ventured out stargazing, such an eye-opener as to how small you and your problems are. The view was spectacular with no light pollution to destroy it’s magic.


Overall I had an amazing time and would recommend to any of you wanting a completely fresh adventure with what I feel is a new and upcoming travel company! Whether it’s solo or with a group of friends you’re sure to have a great time. I feel as though I will be finding Sahara sand for a long time to come though.


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